Hot Los Angeles Home Business Opportunity!

Hot Los Angeles Home Business Opportunity! Energy drinks are not a passing Redondo Beach fad. They are projected to outsell Coke and Pepsi in Los Angeles over the next decade. XoCai, the original healthy chocolate company, has recently introduced Xe, the first health enhancing energy drink available in Orange County.

As Red Bull, Rock Star and Monster garner negative press for their health dangers and predatory marketing practices aimed at children, there is growing awareness and demand in Los Angeles for non-harmful energy drinks.

I am innovative leader Patti Langell, a proud and successful XoCai distributor in Redondo Beach and the surrounding cities. I am extremely glad I chose to sell XoCai (pronounced ‘show-sigh’) products when I started my business in October 2008. It was an important choice. XoCai’s primary antioxidant chocolate product line has been selling briskly in the Inland Empire and Lake Arrowhead. Now, XoCai’s Xe is bringing a whole new group of Redondo Beach XoCai customers; former Red Bull drinkers. Xe is so superior to Red Bull that it only takes one can to persuade Los Angeles customers to switch.

You can help the Inland Empire and Lake Arrowhead energy drinkers avoid the health dangers of Rock Star and Monster and profit from it at the same time. Just as Orange County dark chocolate lovers can replace their bad chocolate with XoCai healthy chocolate, Lake Arrowhead Red Bull drinkers can replace it with Xe and receive a powerful, safe and sustained energy boost in addition to natural nourishment.

If you want to experience Xe or learn about the XoCai Los Angeles small business opportunity, contact me today. My phone number is 310 200-7097 and my email address is

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