How Healthy Is Your Los Angeles Community?

How Healthy Is Your Los Angeles Community? Hello Los Angeles residents! Welcome to my children’s health blog, Los Angeles edition. I came across an interesting article in Children’s Health Magazine that got me thinking about children’s health factors in Los Angeles.

Have you considered how your California community influences your child’s health? In a recent study, independent experts compiled statistics on more than 30 factors that are important to a child’s development including: crime and safety, education, economics, housing, education, cultural attractions, and health.1

Burlington, Vermont came out on top, receiving high marks in all areas of study. Burlington has the fewest fast food restaurants per capita and experts believe this is linked to the low rate of obesity. Clearly, the rate of obesity in Los Angeles and Southern California is partially due to the ready availability of Big Macs and Whoppers.

While moving to Burlington isn’t necessary for your Los Angeles child to thrive, ask yourself how your own California neighborhood ranks. If you think it could improve, attend Los Angeles city meetings or make changes within your own home.

You could encourage more participation in sports, start a crime-preventing Los Angeles neighborhood watch group, cook as a family, or seek out Los Angeles museums and Los Angeles cultural events. Whatever you choose, your children will reap the health benefits of your efforts.

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1Jaclyn Colletti, Joel Weber, ‘The 100 Best Places To Raise Kids,’ Children’s Health, Oct. 20, 2009,, accessed on July 6, 2011.

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